Small-Town Stories: JBR Vineyards

June 22, 2021

Jessee and Debby fulfilled their dream of leaving California and moving to the New River Valley in 2005. They bought land in both Pulaski and Giles County.

Jessee and Debby JBR Vineyards

Jessee's interest in wine began in college and he learned through reading and trying different wines for a year. At one point while living in California, he was even going to antique wine auctions in San Francisco.

After two years of intense study, Jessee received his Certificate in Winemaking from the prestigious University of California, Davis. He now owns JBR Vineyards with his wife Debby.

JBR Vineyards became fully licensed as a Virginia Farm Winery in 2014. Wines were initially processed in the basement of their home until a state-of-the-art production facility was completed in 2017.

JBR Vineyard’s wines are unique in that only classic wine grapes are grown. Two varieties were selected, Pinot Noir and Riesling, which are rarely grown in Virginia. The Riesling is processed in the traditional German style which is also not done in Virginia. JBR grows 100% of their own grapes.

JBR Vineyards does customized tastings by appointment. Their tastings are unique in that they are not assembly-line tastings, but rather fit the interests of the customer. They also offer special events such as Riesling from Around the World, Dog Days, Vertical Tastings, and an annual PawPaw festival.

JBR invites all to come on June 27 to their special event – “A Lost Skill: How to Read a Wine Label” from 1:30 to 5:00 at their home in Pulaski. Oh, and of course there will be tastings!

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Written by Debby, Co-owner of JBR Winery

Edited by Shelby Vandergriff, Pulaski County Tourism