Pulaski County’s Farmers Market - The Marketplace

June 22, 2021

Farmers markets are how communities display off the fruits of their labor. At The Marketplace, vendors from Pulaski County and local neighbors join together to support and celebrate our small-town, mountain-loving community. These markets are an important tool for providing fresh food, and to create a space for visitors to meet the artists and creators behind local produce, cuisine, and products.

The Marketplace is home to artisans, artists, photographers, crafters, dreamers, doers, and more. Only at the Marketplace can you find such a diverse and interesting line of people, products, and food. Each week, taste homemade and unique cuisines from various food vendors. As you munch on something delicious, feel free to sip on local wines, listen to live music, and take in local artwork. 

The Marketplace is located at the Pulaski Train Station and is open every Tuesday from 4-7PM through May-October. Make sure you stop by to experience an ever changing, and ever growing Marketplace!

Written by Patrick Ford, Director of Pulaski on Main

Edited by Shelby Vandergriff, Pulaski County Tourism