Bus Camping in Pulaski County, Virginia

March 18, 2022
Guests at Bus #23 at Blank Slate Unique Stays during their complimentary 10-minute photo session.

What do you get when you combine artistic visionaries, small-town roots, and buses 🚌? Blank Slate Unique Stays of course!

Conveniently located near Interstate 81 in Dublin, Virginia, experience a restorative stay in uniquely “glamped out” buses. All are welcome and invited to connect with nature, yourself, and your creativity as you disconnect and unplug from day-to-day life.

Inspired by alternative and repurposed buildings and out-of-the-box (or in this case, out-of-the-bus) thinking, married owners Drew and Audrey beautifully combine their personal backgrounds and roots to create a perfectly merged balance of southwest America styled camping with the small-town feels of southwest Virginia.

Inside of Bus #7 (left) and Bus #23 (right).

Audrey, originally from a tight-knit artist community in Arizona, met her husband Drew in Dublin, VA. Drew, with deep Pulaski County roots, persuaded Audrey to stay in Pulaski County, and the vision for Blank Slate was born!

Audrey’s love for creating art, connecting with all types of people and celebrating community is evident at Blank Slate. Its following and guests have become a loving community for outdoor lovers, restoration seekers, and beyond-the-surface thinkers.

Currently, two buses, Bus #7 and Bus #23, are available for booking on Airbnb, VRBO, and Hipcamp. Blank Slate is in the process of creating four additional buses for guests. Each bus offers a different -themed experience, such as reading and painting.

Dogs, cats, and even birds are not only welcome, but they are highly encouraged. And to top your stay off, every guest is given a free 10-minute photo session from Audrey in front of the bus.  

Guests & their furry friend during their complimentary photo session outside of Bus #7.

Whether it’s a small getaway or a much-needed hiatus, Blank Slate hopes to restore guests’ connections with nature and inspire guests to make little differences in the world or their community. After all, we all could use a reset and a “Blank Slate” every now and then.

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