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Wines from Iron Heart Winery
Wines from Iron Heart Winery

Virginia wines & Virginia brews seem to go hand in hand as a part of our rural agricultural community where the stunning landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains serve as the perfect backdrop for four wineries and a local brewery.

One of the first wineries you will come upon was built from the ground up by a father and son team whose farm dates back to 1882 with a history in America’s Industrial Revolution. Iron Heart Winery was the first certified craft winery in the state of Virginia.

Craft wine defined by Vitium says "is different because the motivation that pushes the winemaker through all the difficulties, critics, tough working conditions and extenuating manual harvesting isn’t just money, but the creation of something able to communicate with the customer, and tell him what his philosophy is, how he feels like and how much he loves his land. It’s very similar to what a painter does with his canvas, a sculptor with his marble and a composer with his arrangement.

"When able to produce a wine able to thrill the consumer and summon images of Italian landscapes, by working with limited automation and small team, following the timings nature dictates, then also the winemaker deserves to be defined an artist." This truly describes the passion and heart that Iron Heart Winery brings to its customers. There is a beautiful rustic tasting room and even cabin rentals on the property.

Rows of Grapes in a Vineyard

There are several other wineries from the farms in Southwest Virginia. Spinning Jenny Winery came from a desire to do something different farm in retirement. A couple threw themselves into learning wine making with a journey that began in 2014 and 150 vines. Today the 37 acre farm that is home to Arabian horses also has a tasting room and kitchen and a full array of top selling vines.

New River Vineyard & Winery is a certified Craft Winery where the vineyards are hand harvested and hand sorted at the peak of ripeness. This family owned business takes pride in quality and craftsmanship and is proud to pour and serve their award winning wines. Their tasting room is located in a beautiful setting with breathtaking views.

There is a picturesque tasting room for JBR Wines in Pulaski County. While the grapes are grown and the wines are produced in Giles County at the first Virginia Farm Winery.

Pulaski County also has its own brewery, The River Company. It is a local family-owned restaurant and brewery that is located above the New River giving incredible views from the decks. They offer a full selection of house brewed’ craft beers.

Southwest Virginia has other local wineries and breweries that tempt anyone's test. Others include Beliveau Farm, West Wind Farm Vineyard and Winery, Whitebarrel, Sinkland Farms, Right Mind Brewing Company, Rising Silo Brewery, Moon Hollow, Seven Sisters, and Bull & Bones.